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Teyonah Parris as Colandrea Conners in Dear White People

Tessa Thompson as Samantha White in Dear White People

stick to the plan.

Hi :) I was just wondering if Bucky is still the one who is going to be taking over for Cap in the movies? I know Sam is in the comics
sorrelrum sorrelrum Said:

Most people assume that Bucky will still become Captain America since the writers of the Captain America movies said they mostly take inspiration from Ed Brubaker’s Captain America comic run where Bucky became Captain America. 

However it’s not definite so most fans are taking this opportunity to speculate.

Clint is like - Someone here hasn’t seen Terminator and thought building an incredibly powerful learning robot was a good idea. 

#But that’s none of my business


Sam Wilson will indeed be the new Captain America (in the comics)