Rum or Tequila


You have been well trained, my young apprentice. They will be no match for you.

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Captain America 2 AU

Steve has the biggest crush on his friend, Sam. They might be out of high school, but Sam’s a jock and Steve’s just a nerdy guy. He makes the mistake of agreeing to be Sam’s plus one at a fancy banquet. Sam won’t let him back out, and Steve resigns himself to spending a night watching the guy he likes flirt with other people. 

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Captain America 2 AU || Strip Basketball

When Sam had challenged Steve to a game of basketball, Steve had thought he’d get a date out of it. This wasn’t exactly how Steve expected the game to end.

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Headcanon: Clint programmed the AI and its a bone of contention between them that he’s slightly smarter at programming than she is

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Headcanon: Tony and Pepper double date Clint and Natasha

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I think I found my favourite restaurant

I was thinking that it looks like the same diner. What if while Sam Wilson accompanies Steve on his mission to take down HYDRA he ends up hanging at diners when he needs a breather. One night, James Barnes sits down next to him and asks him about Steve. 

Bucky can’t handle talking to Steve. Sam has experience talking to people going through PTSD and so he ends up being de facto therapist for Bucky. It gets to be such a regular occurrence that one night Sam walks into a diner to see Bucky waiting for him.

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